Placeholder person
Affiliation Ugly
Groups The Smoke, New Smoke
Book Appearances Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras


David (Son of Az and Maddy) He was raised in the Smoke. At the time of uglies, he is 18 years old. He had no influence from the futuristic dystopian society that Scott Westerfield portrays with the cities. He falls in love with Tally. Originally he liked Shay, but after Shay brought Tally to the runaway camp called the Smoke, his love for Shay was forgotten, as he found a new interest in Tally. David helps to change Tally’s feeling towards her city. He wears hand sewn clothing, made from animal skins, and has a lot of survival skills which he passes on to Tally.

Description Edit

An unusually big nose. Weathered hands and face. Strong, confident, and trust worthy. A natural leader.

Roles Edit


David is the son of the owners of The Smoke. When his home is destroyed, he creates the New Smoke, and rescues all the Smokies from special circumstances. Go to Uglies for more info on Davids role.



David isn't pretty, brings Tally back to the New Smoke and kills her


Dies in beggining.

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